Our Stories

Promoting hope and wellbeing together

“All the trainers were good at putting me at ease.”

“A stimulating, thought provoking session, led with compassion and sensitivity.”

“I felt listened to – enjoyed being in a group and learning more.”

“Was very good to look at the emotional side of work life.”

“It was nice to socialise and increase confidence.”

“Very informative and interesting – will use this with my clients.”

“There was a lot of information but it’s helped me decide.”

“Very useful to people like me who want to help their beloved and don’t know how to understand their behaviour and feelings.”

“The honesty of the service users was really helpful.”

“I enjoyed the course, its pace and the mix of people on the course.”

“I shall take the information I learned today and utilise it in every day life.”

“I am on a journey and each course beings me nearer my destination.”

“I got a brilliant input from the 2 facilitators so now I can improve my journey on recovery.”

“It was my first time and it was wonderful.”

“Able to express how I feel.”

“It was very informative, particularly having people attend with life experience.”

“I thought the group was very well run in terms of facilitating everyone to be heard.”

“Always great to hear a service user’s perspective! Thanks for honesty!”

“The company of some very lovely, warm and positive souls.”

“All useful – enjoyed the handouts, the humour, the honesty and the empathy.”

“I feel much more positive now that I have a say in my own recovery and not be so reliant on the NHS.”

“I really appreciated the fact that ……. herself Is a service user so that I can now look up to see that maybe if I get my act together I too can be a part of the Recovery Hub team.”

“Knowing I’m not alone.”


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