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Learning Supports Recovery

The aim of our courses is that they should help people map out their recovery journey, explore possibilities and develop new skills, setting out on the road to recovery. People using mental health services can sometimes become trapped in a dependency-making health and social care system. Our courses help them recognise and make use of talents which they have lost touch with in this system. Through this process, people often begin to make sense of what has happened to them and become experts in managing their own lives.

Our Programme

We offer a wide breadth of courses which range from understanding conditions like bipolar disorder and personality disorders to learning mindfulness and applying problem-solving techniques to daily life.

Our courses are grouped under four headings:

• Understanding Mental Health Issues And Treatment
• Building Your Life
• Developing Life Skills
• Getting Involved

Click the link below to download our Autumn Term 2018 and Spring & Summer Terms 2019 programme:

Recovery College prospectus 18-19

Peer Trainers

Our programme draws on the experiences and skills of people who have used mental health services, and those who support them. Courses are ‘co-produced’ and ‘co-delivered’. Co-production is at the heart of everything we do. This means every course is designed by service users, carers and staff working together. They are delivered by a mental health professional and at least one peer trainer, recognising that knowledge born from personal experience is as valuable as experience based upon professional training.

Who Are The Courses For?

Courses are intended for service users, carers and clinical staff at West London Mental Health Trust. Anyone who has used mental health services within the last two years is eligible to attend one of our courses.


We welcome carers, friends and family members to all our courses. Carers can attend courses to support a loved one. There is a specific Carer’s Training programme that runs every term, which is open to carers only. See the Courses for more information.


There is a misconception that the college is just for service users and carers. But this is not the case. The college offers effectively offers staff of the trust a masterclass in the principles, philosophy and practice of recovery, knowledge vital to any mental health professional. Attending our courses offers an excellent way for staff to increase their knowledge and skills. With the breadth of courses available there is something for everyone. We suggest staff consider attending courses with service users under their care. We have heard lots of stories of how by working together in a learning environment, staff and their clients have seen huge benefits to their relationships and levels of satisfaction in care provided.


The courses listed are all being run over the Autumn 2018, Spring & Summer 2019 terms & are colour coded as in the paper programme as follows:

Green Courses are in the Understanding Mental Health Issues & Treatment section.

Red Courses are in the Building Your Life section.

Blue Courses are in the Developing Life Skills section.

Purple Courses are in the Getting Involved section.

















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