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We offer a training programme that draws on the experiences and skills of people who have used mental health services and those who support them.

The college follows an educational model that seeks to give people the tools and skills to become architects of their own recovery or to support someone else with their journey.

The college conveys messages of hope, empowerment, possibility and aspiration. It celebrates diversity and recognises strengths and successes rather than problems.

We offer a wide range of courses. Participants gain a better understanding of mental health issues and develop their life skills. Courses vary from one off workshops to ones that run for up to 10 weeks.

Courses are ‘co produced’ and ‘co delivered.’ this means that groups of service users, carers and staff work together to develop courses. They are delivered by a staff member and at least 1 Peer Trainer, recognising the expertise of lived experience equally with that derived from professional training.

Most courses will now be delivered at our main base, Brentford Lodge. Please contact us for locations of courses if they are not stated.

Download our Autumn 2018, Spring & Summer 2019 programme here: 

How Learning Can Support Recovery

The aim of the programme is to help people map out their recovery journey, explore new possibilities and develop new skills. Users of mental health services often become trapped in a dependency making system. By attending these courses, people begin to make sense of their experience and become experts in managing their own lives.

The Role Of Peer Trainers

All of our courses are co facilitated by a person with lived experience of mental health problems, who has been trained to deliver courses on our programme. All of our Peer Trainers have been involved in course development and have attended courses run by others. To this end they  have an expert knowledge of recovery by virtues of their own experiences within the mental health system and through their involvement with the college.

Meeting The Needs Of Carers, Friends And Families

We welcome carers, friends and families to our courses. Carers are welcome to attend courses to support a friend or loved one and can participate fully. There is a specific Carers’ Training Programme that runs every term. More details can be found in the general programme.

Meeting The Needs Of Staff

There is a perception that our courses are only for service users and carers. This is not the case. It is vital that staff are familiar with the principles, philosophy and practice of recovery. Attending our courses is an excellent way for staff to increase their knowledge and skills, both professionally and personally. We also invite staff to attend courses with service users they work with. We have heard powerful stories of how working together in a learning environment, staff and patients have seen great benefits in terms of the quality of their relationships and levels of satisfaction in the care that is provided.

Booking onto a course

You must reserve a place on any course to attend. Please see the “How To Book” page for full details of how to book a place on a course.

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